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OleDbEnum.exe - Enumerate SQL Servers using OLE-DB

version: 1.0x001

last updated: 1 February  2003

platform: SQL Server 2000 running Windows NT 4.0 and higher


Enumerate SQL Server instances on the network using the OLE-DB CLSID_SQLOLEDB_ENUMERATOR.


This sample shows how to use the SQL enumerator, part of the SQL Server OLE-DB provider to retrieve instances of SQL Server available on the network.


The OLE-DB enumerator relies on the same UDP broadcast technique as the ODBC SQLBrowseConnect implementation. This means it will never be able to return a conclusive or complete list of SQL Server instances because:

  • Instances that are not up and running do not respond to the discovery broadcast. Only one instance has to be up on a machine, it can respond for all instances on a machine

  • Instances might respond after the timeout, which will exclude there response from the list

  • Instances might not be listening on the correct protocol, so will never receive the discovery broadcast

  • Network infrastructure, especially routers, might limit the effect/visibility of the broadcast, since most routers are configure not to relay broadcast request to the other side of the router.

NOTE: The OLE-DB implementation can not return any of the extended information, like SQLBrowseConnect can.


Simply copy OleDbEnum.exe onto your machine.

Download OleDbEnum.zip

Download OleDbEnum-src.zip (Visual C++ 7.0 project)


MDAC 2.6 or higher, which is the MDAC version that is shipping with SQL Server 2000.

Planned functionality enhancements:

  • None

  • Other suggestions, ideas, please send email to ideas


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