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Who are we:

SQLDev.Net is an initiative of a former member of the Microsoft SQL Server development team in order to share product knowledge and experience.

This site is aimed at SQL Server developers, providing information and coding examples for:

  • DTS (Data Transformation Services)
  • SQL-DMO (Distributed Management Objects)
  • SQL-NS (Namespace Objects)
  • XP (Extended Stored Procedure) development
  • SQL Agent
  • Tools

The examples are written in VB Script, Visual Basic v6.0, Visual C++ v.6.0/7.0, Visual C# (CSharp) or Perl. If applicable the examples are implemented in more then one language. All samples are targeted against SQL Server 2000 unless otherwise noted.

Besides providing information and coding examples this site hosts a variety of tools/utilities that are written over the years to make life with SQL Server easier. Some of them are general Windows NT utilities, some are SQL Server specific.

Hopefully you will find the information useful, we love to hear your feedback and/or ideas for tools, so we can provide you with even better information, tools and code samples in the future.

Thanks for visiting our website.

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